Been hardly working with Michael Paul Gibson

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Been hardly working with Michael Paul Gibson

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My long time friend, Michael Paul Gibson came for a visit. We sat down and had a marathon session yesterday and created the framework for this beautiful website. Thank you Michael for your expert help and guidance. It has truly been a rewarding and educational experience working with you on productions musical for the last 35 years.

Thank you for your patience in guiding me from my limited thinking to a larger picture complete with built in action plan. The quality of the work we have produced has always reflected our shared commitment to producing a quality result. And your laser focus and tenacious work ethic has demonstrated deep moral values and an ethical workflow. Much of what I know about about Classical Music, high end computer usage, and organized workflow has been learned watching over your shoulder for these last 35 years.

May we continue to share our creative energies on projects that inspire us and demonstrate for and inspire others on their own paths, as we have always done.

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Michael Paul Gibson

July 11, 2017 at 6:10 am

Thank you very much Ranjith for all the very kind words. I thank you for all your expert help with photography and video at so many of my concerts with the Silicon Valley Symphony. Thanks also for all your help setting up and managing all the video plus much more driving 6 hours each way for all of the concerts out of the goodness of your heart and contributing a large financial donation as well. You are truly a marvelous and highly talented individual. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks so much!!!

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